60-Year-Old Teacher Shines in Student Performance of “Uptown Funk”
In June 2015, a retired teacher named Shirley Clements became famous after a video of her dancing to “Uptown Funk” with her students went viral. She was 60
“Coach’s Viral Moment”: Teacher Goes Above and Beyond for Student
Teachers are really important in our community, but sometimes people don’t appreciate them enough. Teaching is a special job. Teachers help kids learn, show them how to behave
Mom Faces Backlash for Teaching 7-Year-Old Cleaning and Cooking Skills: Online Criticism Ensues
Different parents raise their children in different ways. Some parents are strict, while others let their kids learn from their own mistakes. It’s normal for parents to have
11-Year-Old Georgia Wows Judges with ‘House of the Rising Sun’ on The Voice
You won’t believe it, but there’s this amazing audition where a young girl named Georgia sings “House of the Rising Sun” and blows everyone away. She’s only eleven
Senior Pianist Amazes Passersby – Featured Performance
There was a wonderful moment caught on camera when an old lady sat at a street piano and played an amazing tune. Her name is Natalie Trayling, and
Loretta Swit, 85, Embraces Life with Dogs and Maintains Youthful Appearance; Single Since Split with Co-Star
Loretta Swit is an 85-year-old actress known for her roles in TV shows like “M*A*S*H” and “Diagnosis: Murder.” She started acting at a young age despite her parents
Incredible 11-Year-Old Wows Judges with Breathtaking Performance, Earns Standing Ovation
An 11-year-old singer impressed everyone with her amazing performance on a TV show. She sang “Shake it Off” and got a standing ovation from the judges and audience.
Child Ridiculed for White Hair Grows Up Happy and Healthy
Patricia Williams took a sweet picture of her son Redd when he was born. But when she tried to share it, she faced a problem. Redd, born in
77-Year-Old Grandma Thwarts ATM Robbery Attempt by Three Men
They chose the wrong pensioner to rob Most people really like their grandparents. They’re usually kind, nice, and not as strict as parents. My grandparents were great. They
Jennifer Nettles Moves Neil Diamond to Tears with Her Rendition of His Classic Hit
Jennifer Nettles, a talented American singer, paid tribute to another great musician, Neil Diamond, by singing his song “Hello Again” at the Kennedy Center Honors in 2011. This