Stranger Offers Life-Changing Help to Woman Tattooed Against Her Will

đź’«Discover the incredible story of a woman whose face was tattooed with obscenities against her will, and the stranger who stepped in to change her life forever

A young woman named Taylor White from Florida says she didn’t agree to the tattoos on her face. They were full of bad words, so she had to cover them up with dark ink. She tried makeup, but it didn’t work well.

This happened on her 21st birthday. Taylor says her ex-boyfriend got her drunk and took her to a hotel. When she woke up, her face was covered in tattoos. They were really mean.

Even though she covered the tattoos, Taylor still had a hard time finding a job. She tried to work in mental health care, but her appearance scared some people.

A man named Karridy Askenasy heard about Taylor’s story and wanted to help. He offered to pay for her to have the tattoos removed with lasers.

The process will take a long time, maybe two years, to completely remove the tattoos. But it will change Taylor’s life for the better.

She started the treatment in September 2023, and she’ll need many sessions over a long time. We don’t know how far along she is in the process yet.

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