48-Year-Old Mother Celebrates Miracle Triplets Amidst Criticism

Age ain’t nothing but a number! 🎉 Follow the incredible journey of a 48-year-old mom as she defies the odds to welcome triplets amidst a whirlwind of criticism and joy! 👶

Six months ago, I had three babies. I’m 48 years old. My spouse and I were very happy about it. I tried to get pregnant for ten years without success.

Doctors said I should have started having kids earlier. My family suggested adopting instead of spending money on fertility treatments. But I wanted to experience pregnancy and childbirth myself.

I didn’t think about having kids when I was younger because of problems in my previous marriage. But things changed when I met Vadim. We got married when we were both young. But Vadim started mistreating me because of his drinking. Our relationship ended because of it.

Recovering from that was hard and took a long time. Then I met Leonid, who I love. He’s different from other guys, kind, and committed. I started wanting kids when I met him.

When I finally got pregnant, we were overjoyed. Leonid supported me throughout my pregnancy, even being there for both deliveries. After the babies were born, our lives changed a lot. Some people criticized us for having three babies at our age.

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