Mom Shocked by What’s Inside Her Child’s Capri Sun

😱 Prepare to be surprised! Mom’s discovery inside her child’s Capri Sun will leave you speechless

A mom found something gross in her son’s Capri Sun and shared a warning on TikTok. She was pouring the drink into her son’s sippy cup when she noticed strange bits in one of the cartons. Even though the drink wasn’t expired, it had weird stuff in it. Her video got over three million views.

People on TikTok reacted, with some saying they’ve seen this problem before and won’t buy Capri Sun anymore. Some suggested the stuff could be mold.

Capri Sun was contacted for comment. In 2018, another parent found mold in a Capri Sun pouch and warned others on Facebook. The company said mold can grow if the pouch is damaged, letting air inside.

So, it’s important to check your kids’ Capri Suns before giving it to them.

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