“Music saves lives”: This popular pianist decided to play classical music for injured and blind elephants
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“All the cubs are healthy!”: 80-year-old tortoise became a mother for the first time
This story proves that age is just a number! There are turtles that can live up to 80 years. When they are over 80, turtles are already unable
“For the first time in a century”: Night Parrot was spotted for the first time in Western Australia (video)
Experts thought this species had gone extinct Recently, the number of extinct species has been increasing. However, thanks to wildlife protectors we also come across good news about
“What a lovely surprise”: Dog And Cat Share Shelter To Keep Their Babies Warm Together (video)
They both gave birth to their babies on the same day The author of this video noticed a stray dog near his house. It was quite cold outside
“Touching reunion”: Man lost his dog and found him only 3 years later!
Dogs always remember their owners, and it’s so adorable! Over time our pets become an inseparable member of our family and their loss is much more painful than
“He became a real father for them”: Rabbit found abandoned puppies and started taking care of them
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“Incredible Shot!”: Huge humpback whale suddenly jumped out of the water (photos)
The photos themselves shock everyone. The scene is majestic! If you are a person of nature, be sure that at some point it will shock you! When you