“Defying stereotypes”: The story of a dog who chose a kitten as his friend

They even have their own social media account

It’s believed that dogs and cats cannot get along, but in reality, they often make great companions.

This woman had always dreamed of having both a dog and a cat, and she believed that by adopting a kitten, her dog could peacefully coexist with a feline friend.

When they visited the shelter, the woman decided to let her dog choose her own companion. Among four adorable kittens, only one caught the dog’s attention and initiated interaction.

Instantly, a bond formed between them, and they happily went home together. They love playing and cuddling with each other, bringing immense joy to their owner.

They have become inseparable. They even have their own social media account, attracting a large following of devoted fans.

It just goes to show that dogs and cats can defy stereotypes and become the best of friends, creating a harmonious and loving home.

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