Horse Welcomes Extraordinary Foal with Unbelievable Facial Markings

A couple who breeds horses in Melbourne, Florida, got a special surprise with their newest addition, Coconut the horse. The horse’s unique features amazed them, and they decided to share her beauty with the world.

Scott and Jackie Nelson, the horse-breeding couple, were so impressed with Coconut’s appearance that they recorded a video of her when she was just two days old. Now, more than 3 million people have watched the video and marveled at Coconut’s rare markings.

The couple runs a ranch called Down Under Colour, and they filmed Coconut outside for the first time when she was two years old. In Native American culture, Coconut is known as a War Horse, a horse considered sacred and ridden by leaders like the chief or medicine man.

Coconut’s rare markings include a shield on her chest and one blue eye with liner around it. In Native American tradition, this unique blue eye is called a Sky Eye. If the chief or medicine man dies in battle, the belief is that this one blue sky eye will carry their spirits to the Gods. That’s why Coconut is considered so special, according to the description on their YouTube video.

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