Surgeon Shares Reaction to Woman’s Before and After Photos of Forehead Reduction Surgery

Check out the incredible transformation! 😮 Surgeon’s reaction to before and after photos of a woman’s $11,340 forehead reduction surgery is truly remarkable. Read on to see the stunning results!

The surgeon who fixed a woman’s forehead has been looking at how it looked before and after the surgery.

The woman, Beth Halsey from Essex, used to be teased for having a big forehead. She spent a long time hiding it under her hair. But she got tired of it and decided to do something. So, she paid £9,000 for surgery and was really happy with the result.

Beth said she didn’t like having to hide her forehead with her hair. She felt trapped by it. She didn’t like when people said there was nothing wrong with her because it felt patronizing. She knew surgery was a big step, but it changed her life for the better.

She didn’t even know surgery was an option until she found out about it. She researched it, had a meeting about it, and decided to go for it. The surgeons made sure her face still looked natural and in proportion. They lowered her hairline by about an inch.

Beth seems really pleased with the surgery. Surgeon Gregor Bran shared some before and after pictures of her on Instagram. He did a procedure called HALO and a brow lift while she was sedated. Beth has been sharing her journey on social media, and Gregor thanked her for trusting him.

It sounds like everyone involved is happy. Beth is thrilled with her new look and Gregor has a satisfied customer who likes his work. Beth says the pain wasn’t too bad, just like a bad headache, and it was worth it because she’s so happy now.

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