Mom Claps Back After Criticism for Bikini Pose with Teen Son

­čĺ¬Empowering mom shuts down critics over bikini photo with teenage son!

A mom got upset after getting mean comments for posting a picture of herself in a bikini with her son. It’s 2024, but some people still find it shocking to see a woman in a bikini at home with her family when it’s really hot outside.

Sophie Guidolin, a mom of four and a fitness influencer from Australia, faced this issue when she shared a photo of herself and her son Kai celebrating his 15th birthday in 2022.

In the picture, Sophie wore a green bikini while hugging her son on the patio. Despite the photo being sweet, some people thought it was too sexual.

Now, nearly two years later, Sophie looked back at the negative reaction. She posted a video of herself in a bikini last week, mentioning that she’s a professional bikini competitor and her son doesn’t sexualize her body. She said she’s been working hard for 13 years to achieve her body.

Sophie also talked about the negativity she faced online, saying that having a body is normal and not something to be ashamed of. She wants her sons to see her in a bikini as something normal, like going to the beach or swimming, not something sexual.

Her son Kai also called the online backlash “dumb”.

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