“Big Dog Charms Passengers During Flight”: Owner Buys Three Plane Seats for Great Dane

Check out this incredible story of a man who bought THREE plane tickets for his enormous Great Dane! 🐾✈️ Passengers couldn’t get enough of this furry co-traveler’s charm! 😍

Flying with pets can be tough, but one guy took it to another level: he bought three seats on a plane so his huge Great Dane could come along!

The dog, named Darwin, stole everyone’s hearts on the plane and online too.

Gabriel Bogner moved from Los Angeles to Brooklyn and had to find a way to bring his dog Darwin with him. Gabriel has Crohn’s disease and Darwin helps him out as a service dog.

Most airlines let service animals fly with their owners, but Darwin is special—he’s a massive, 140-pound Great Dane. Gabriel looked at lots of options for taking Darwin along, but he was too big for any crate available.

Luckily, American Airlines had a solution. They said Gabriel could bring Darwin on the plane if he bought three seats for him. This way, Darwin would have enough space to be comfortable.

Gabriel agreed, and it turned into an amazing flight for everyone. A TikTok video of Darwin’s adventure went viral, getting nearly 18 million views.

In the video, you can see Darwin chilling in the waiting area:

Meeting the surprised pilots:

And relaxing in his three seats on the plane, which were just right for this big dog.

Gabriel captioned the video with, “Who says Great Danes can’t fly on planes?”

Watch the video here.

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