Alabama Church Sign Causes Anger, Deemed Offensive by Critics

“Debate Ignites Over Alabama Church Sign: Is It Offensive or Just Biblical?

A church in Alabama caused a big argument because of a message on its sign. Some people said it was offensive, but others agreed with the pastor who said it was from the Bible.

It all started on social media when someone posted a picture of Carters Grove Baptist Church’s sign in Hazel Green, Alabama. The sign said, “Pride month sounds about right,” along with a Bible verse saying, “Pride goeth before destruction.”

Some people thought this could upset LGBTQ+ folks, especially those who haven’t come out yet. But others thought it was fine and even supportive.

The pastor, Jim Weaver, defended the sign, saying it’s important to warn against what the Bible calls sinful behavior. He put up the sign during Pride month to show that he doesn’t agree with celebrating what he sees as a sinful lifestyle.

Another church in Montgomery, Alabama, also put up a sign that offended a gay couple. The sign said, “GOD DETESTS PRIDE.” The couple was upset and posted a photo of themselves kissing next to the sign on social media.

The pastor of that church, Wesley Whitworth, said it was a misunderstanding. He claimed the sign was talking about personal pride and arrogance, not Pride Month. He said he didn’t mean to cause controversy.

Both pastors believe homosexuality is against the Bible, but they also said it’s not their job to judge others.

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