“Alligator Seized from Home”: Owner Let Public into Pool with 11-Foot Reptile

🐊🚨 A jaw-dropping encounter! Authorities in New York seized an enormous 11-foot alligator from a home after its owner allowed people to swim with it in their pool! Stay tuned for the full story – you won’t believe what happened next!

Officials found an alligator in upstate New York. Its owner let people pet it in the water. The alligator, named Albert, had many health problems like blindness and spine issues. Albert’s owner in Hamburg, Buffalo, had a permit for him, but it expired in 2021 and wasn’t renewed.

The owner allowed guests to pet Albert in the water, even though he was huge, 11 feet long, and weighed 750 pounds. Alligators can be dangerous, especially when they grab prey and drag it underwater.

On Wednesday, officials realized the owner was endangering the public. They took Albert to a licensed caretaker for safety. Authorities are deciding on a permanent home for Albert.

Officials are also investigating if the owner should face charges for how he kept the alligator. Tony Cavallaro, the owner, said he cared for Albert since the 1990s and never put anyone in danger.

If you want to own an alligator, you need a license. Alligators have federal protection, but states have their own rules.

While alligator deaths are rare, it’s still risky to get in the water with one. Between 1999 and 2019, ten people were killed by alligators in the Southeastern US according to the CDC.

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