Woman Who Lost 350 Pounds Reacts Brilliantly to Beach Body Shaming

Jacqueline Adan, a blogger, went through many surgeries to remove excess skin after losing a lot of weight. But even after all that, she got shamed for her body while on vacation in Key West, Florida.

Back in 2017, when she was 31, Jacqueline faced similar shaming during a vacation in Mexico. She wore a bathing suit for the first time in a while and people made fun of her loose skin, making her really upset.

This year, she had another incident where people laughed at her and pointed fingers while she was walking on the beach in Key West. But this time, she reacted differently.

She shared on Instagram that she realized she’s changed a lot over the past year. She doesn’t seek validation from others anymore. Even though she sometimes struggles with how she sees her body, she mainly cares about how she feels about herself.

Jacqueline said she’s too busy living her best life and loving herself, including her loose skin, to worry about what others think. Her 118,000 followers were inspired by her new attitude.

They praised her for embracing self-love and being a strong inspiration. Jacqueline concluded that her journey to self-love has been the focus of the past year. Now, she can confidently walk around in a bathing suit without caring about what others think.

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