This 8-Year-Old Heroine Born Without Legs Became a Gymnast Who Astonished Everyone

An 8-year-old girl born without legs surprised everyone and became a gymnast

This adorable 8-year-old girl named Paige Kalendin has an extremely severe disability – she was born without legs. Since her early childhood, the heroic child has aspired to become a professional and successful gymnast, never losing hope for a bright future. She always kept herself fit and her arms strong.

Paige became very interested in sports and took gymnastics seriously, not just as a hobby. Although she is 8 years old, the girl is now part of the gymnastics team in the state of Ohio, USA. She declared herself, “I know for sure that gymnastics is my calling. I will not give up.”

In addition to gymnastics, the girl hero is also interested in archery and swimming. Kalendin’s family is undoubtedly her biggest supporter and wants to incorporate more sports into the girl’s schedule.

She’s a true hero, isn’t she?

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