“Adorable Video”: 2-Year-Old Girl Shows Everyone How to Dance as Joyfully as Possible

The girl kept her “students” in sight so they executed the movements unmistakably.

As soon as you turn on this clip, you will immediately understand who the main character and “organizer” of this entertainment is. A 2-year-old girl who wandered into the adult sports section decided to show everyone how to dance as joyfully as possible. The most exciting part of this clip is that the girl kept her “students” in sight so they executed the basic movements promptly and as unmistakably as possible. Be sure to watch this optimistic clip and remember to share it with all your colleagues. We believed that the burden of human vitality is maximal in childhood and minimal in adulthood. This conclusion is based on personal and external observations. But that’s wrong. Perhaps there are no people in your environment who live differently. And such people exist in my environment, and I draw the following conclusion: At the moment of birth, a person receives an optimal charge of vitality, which is supposed to ensure that the newborn becomes a human being not only in reality.

His birth is according to the form of the human body, but also according to the content of the inner world, in terms of upbringing, education, civilization, abilities, etc. This charge determines and secures our life until old age. And then the situation changes. How does an adult differ from a child? The fact is that the latter lives by innate abilities, and an adult lives by his own achievements. In adults, the vitality charge is determined by the level as well as the amount of what is acquired.

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