“Finding Family”: Witness the Remarkable Journey of a Child Raised by Her Grandmother

I always dreamed of having a great husband and father like Vadim. And I felt incredibly lucky when he became my husband 10 years ago and later the father of our two beautiful children. We hardly ever argue and sort out any disagreements with love and respect for each other. So, I couldn’t understand why someone would call me out of the blue.

Lately, I noticed Vadim seeming more thoughtful and sad. He blamed it on work problems (he’s a lawyer at a big company), but I could tell something else was bothering him. During a quiet moment together, I asked him directly, “What’s going on with you? You seem different lately.” He talked about work issues, but it didn’t seem like the whole truth. After our chat, things didn’t improve, and I started to suspect he was keeping something from me.

So, I decided to talk to him again and ask the same question. But just as I was about to, the phone rang. It was a blocked number, and I answered it hesitantly. A woman on the line told me that Vadim had another family and another son. I was stunned.

I couldn’t believe Vadim could do something like that. Still, I went back to talk to him, but this time, I was filled with different emotions and questions. “Honey, do you know a boy named Kolya?” He looked at me for a moment, then confessed: “Four years ago, a student interned with me. I thought it would be professional, but she pursued me. I made a mistake, and she ended up pregnant. She tried to break us apart, but when she couldn’t, she gave the child up for adoption. I’ve been secretly supporting him and trying to make up for my mistake.” I was silent for a while, tears falling, and then I said, “He’s your son. Do what’s right.”

I later met my friend Olga, unaware of what was happening at home. She mentioned seeing a boy who seemed abandoned by his parents. His mother was absent despite having money, and his father was trying to make amends. We saw the boy, who looked just like Vadim, but I didn’t react, and we continued our walk.

The next day, Vadim admitted he was going to see his son, and I insisted on coming along. When Kolya saw his father, he ran up and hugged him. Then I introduced myself as his mother and said I wanted to take him home. He looked at his dad, who nodded, and then he rushed into my arms, overjoyed to have found me. It felt natural to embrace him, like we were truly family.

Our older children were happy to have a younger brother and started teaching him everything, even how to prank their dad. Now, our older kids have families of their own, leaving Kolya with us. He’s about to graduate from university. I never imagined Vadim’s mistake would lead to such a precious addition to our family. Despite everything, I have no regrets about accepting Kolya into our lives.

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