Little Girl Bullied for Missing Nose Proves Beauty in Unique Ways

This brave little girl, born without a nose, has inspired many by embracing her unique beauty!

Tessa was born with a rare condition called complete congenital arhinia, which means she doesn’t have a nose. This condition is very rare, with only 100 people worldwide having it. Because of this, she can’t smell.

Her parents, Grainne and Nathan Evans, found out about Tessa’s condition during an ultrasound when Grainne was five months pregnant. They had mixed feelings but were determined to give her the best care and support.

Tessa needed a tracheotomy soon after birth to help her breathe. At eleven months old, she had cataract surgery. Then, at two years old, she had cosmetic surgery to lay the groundwork for making an artificial nose in the future. Surgeons used prosthetics and grafts to enhance her appearance.

Doctors hope to make Tessa a nose using a 3D printer someday!

Tessa learned to breathe through her mouth and live without smelling. Despite these challenges, she’s full of joy and determination.

“Tessa has surprised everyone. She’s done more than we expected,” said Grainne.

Sadly, some people haven’t been kind to Tessa. Some mean people have called her ‘Voldemort’ because she looks like the character from Harry Potter. But Tessa, a big Harry Potter fan, doesn’t let it bother her and even dressed up as Voldemort for Halloween!

Despite the challenges, Tessa brightens every room she enters. “She can make everyone happy just by walking in,” said Nathan.

Tessa’s story has inspired many people facing their own challenges. Her strength and positivity show that true beauty comes from within.

In a world full of negativity, Tessa’s story reminds us that we can overcome anything, and being kind makes us truly beautiful.

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