Baby Abducted by Babysitter 50 Years Ago Finally Reunites with Dedicated Parents

In 1971, a lady claiming to be a babysitter took a 21-month-old girl from her home in Texas. The girl’s family never saw her again. After 51 years, they finally found her through a DNA test.

Back in August 1971, Alta Apatenco needed a babysitter for her daughter Melissa. A woman offered to babysit and took Melissa from their apartment in Fort Worth, Texas. But Melissa never came back home.

Despite years passing, Melissa’s family never stopped looking for her. They searched everywhere and even celebrated her birthdays every year, hoping she’d come back.

They asked the police for help, but they couldn’t find Melissa. So, Melissa’s family took matters into their own hands. They used the internet and even made a Facebook page to find her.

Melissa’s dad, Jeffrie, found some DNA matches that could be Melissa. They asked a genealogist, Lisa Jo Schiele, for help. She confirmed the matches were indeed Melissa’s siblings.

Schiele found Melissa’s Facebook and messaged her. At first, Melissa didn’t believe them, but they told her about a birthmark she had. Eventually, Melissa agreed to a DNA test.

When Melissa found out the truth, she was shocked. She didn’t know she was kidnapped. She grew up as Melanie Miyoko, not far from where she was taken.

Melissa finally met her real family after 51 years. Her mom was overjoyed, and her dad couldn’t stop crying.

Melissa was angry with the woman who raised her. She believes she’s the same person who took her from her real family.

Now, Melissa plans to change her name and remarry her husband with her real family by her side.

Though the person who took Melissa can’t be punished now, her family is happy to have her back. Melissa’s siblings are glad, and her mom feels relieved that people don’t think she hurt Melissa anymore.

You can watch Melissa’s reunion with her family in this video.

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