Autistic Boy’s Flawless Michael Jackson Cover Moves Judges to Tears

A 10-year-old boy named Calum Courtney went on the Britain’s Got Talent show in the UK. Even though he seemed a bit nervous, he gave a great performance.

Calum has a mild form of autism, but he sang with such control and rhythm. He sang the Jackson 5 song ‘Who’s Lovin’ You’.

Before he started singing, one of the judges, Alesha Dixon, asked if he was nervous. Calum said he wasn’t. When he began singing, the judges were amazed.

During his performance, Calum’s family got emotional and cried because they were so proud of him. Many people watched his video online, and it became very popular.

When Calum finished singing, Judge David Williams said he was brilliant, which made Calum really happy. Then, his little brother came on stage to hug him.

Amanda Holden said Calum’s performance got the biggest reaction they’ve ever seen on the show. She thought his singing was fantastic.

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