“Unexpected Discoveries”: Fascinating Finds in the Forest

In the forest, you can find completely unexpected discoveries. After all, there are not only tall and beautiful trees, rabbits, but also many other interesting things. Sometimes you come across not only mushrooms with berries but also quite strange objects. For example, you can find various interior items, shoes, and all this does not fit into the picture of the forest. Take a look at the photos of unexpected findings discovered in the forest.

Discovered an abandoned grave in the forest.

A huge sphere was made from branches and logs.

This creation was called “Sisyphus.” It took several months to create it. No nails or ropes were used.

Why would a ladder be needed in the forest?

Somehow, a red armchair ended up in the forest.

A truck is lying in the forest. The road is very far from the forest.

So that’s where the car signs disappear.

A moose shed its antlers.

There is a cemetery for pets in this forest.

How did it get there?

Accidentally found the remains of a statue in the forest.

Enjoyed solitude, peace, and quiet, suddenly found this.

Some master made a very beautiful carving on this tree.

Here’s what I suddenly found deep in the forest.

Once this was a functioning hunters’ tower.

Found a tree in the forest with many gloves hanging on it.

Found a very scary head in an English forest.

Actually, these are not people but figures made of wood. They were made by the Japanese artist Iwasaki.

Various objects are often embedded and grown into trees.

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