Man Adopts Terminally Ill Children Others Reject, Providing Care in Their Final Days

Finding homes for foster children is hard. Sometimes their parents can’t take care of them. Mohamed Bzeek helps sick foster children in California.

Mohamed started fostering children in 1989 with his wife Dawn. They lost a foster child in 1991, which changed their focus to helping sick kids.

Mohamed believes in loving foster children like they’re his own. He’s cared for 80 children since 1989, and sadly, 10 have passed away.

Now, Mohamed is caring for a 6-year-old girl with a rare brain defect. Doctors couldn’t do more, but Mohamed’s love has kept her fighting.

He believes these children deserve names and love, even if they’re sick. Mohamed knows it’s tough, but he thinks helping each other is important.

Mohamed’s work hasn’t gone unnoticed. People like Melissa Testerman know he’s the best choice for sick children who need a home.

Mohamed deserves more recognition for his kindness and hard work. He’s a true hero.

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