Grandson Leaves Job and Sacrifices All to Care for 96-Year-Old Grandma Full-Time

Most people would do anything for their family’s happiness and well-being. As we get older and have our own families, it can be hard to drop everything to help a loved one in need. But usually, we can offer kindness and be there to talk.

What if a relative needed you to quit your job, travel far away, and take care of them full-time? Chris Punsalan, a content creator and musician from the Philippines, faced this situation.

Chris’s family lives in Nevada, but his 96-year-old grandmother lives in the Philippines. When she ran out of caregivers, Chris decided to move back to the Philippines to care for her himself.

He didn’t want his grandmother to go to a care home, where many elderly people end up when no one can care for them.

Chris became his grandmother’s full-time caregiver, leaving his life in Nevada behind. He even shared his journey online, making videos about his daily life with his grandmother.

Taking care of his grandmother isn’t easy. Sometimes she forgets who he is, which reminds Chris how fragile life can be.

Even though Chris had to leave his family in Nevada, he feels lucky to spend so much time with his grandmother.

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