“Celebrating Simultaneous Fatherhood”: Three Firefighters from One Firehouse Become Dads within a Day

Three firefighters who work together at a fire station in Fredericksburg, Virginia, are celebrating because they all became dads to baby boys within a day of each other.

These happy dads, who work at Fort Belvoir Fire and Emergency Services at Fort Belvoir Army Base, proudly showed off their new babies on Monday. They became fathers at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center.

Kyle Dean, one of the new dads, said, “All of our doctors at Spotsylvania Regional are really nice, and the nurses have been very kind and caring. They make you feel like they really care about you. Everyone who comes into the room, whether it’s the cleaning staff, nurses, or NICU staff, is great.”

Kyle mentioned that he and the other dads had joked about how crazy it would be if their babies were born at the same time, but they didn’t actually think it would happen. “When I found out, I told the nurses, ‘Just so you know, two of my friends are having babies too,’ and the nursing staff started calling us the ‘fab three!'” said fellow dad Michael Irvine, speaking to Fox News.

Kyle said he was sure that their three boys would become good friends. “We plan to take milestone pictures of all three of them together. Maybe one day we’ll bring them to the firehouse for a group photo,” he added.

Kyle already has a “handful” of kids and is now “adding to the bunch.” For first-time dads, he had some simple advice: “Definitely enjoy every moment, because it goes by quickly.”

Michael added, “The most important thing is to be there as much as you can, especially with our busy schedule. Like Kyle said, time flies, and they grow up fast. So, be there and cherish the moments.”

It’s a happy coincidence, and who knows, maybe all three boys will grow up to be firefighters just like their dads. Congratulations to the new dads!

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