“Childhood Sweethearts”: 20-year Love Story from Preschool to Marriage

Once upon a time in Phoenix, Arizona, Matt Grodsky and Laura Scheel met in preschool and became inseparable friends.

They did everything together, like watching movies and having playdates. Matt even declared at age 3 that he would marry Laura someday.

Although they went to different elementary schools, they stayed in touch through family Christmas cards. They met again in high school through a friend and started dating, but later went to different colleges far away.

Despite the distance, they tried to make their relationship work. Finally, in their senior year of college, Matt proposed to Laura at their old preschool. He had secretly planned it with her dad’s blessing and surprised her with a beautiful ring.

They got married on December 30, 2016, surrounded by family and friends. Their love story is proof that true love can last a lifetime.

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