Mom Faces Backlash for Teaching 7-Year-Old Cleaning and Cooking Skills: Online Criticism Ensues

Different parents raise their children in different ways. Some parents are strict, while others let their kids learn from their own mistakes. It’s normal for parents to have their own style of parenting. But sometimes, people online criticize and comment on parenting decisions.

When I was young, doing chores was just a normal part of life for me and my siblings. We did things like washing dishes, making beds, and helping with cooking.

Even though times change, I believe it’s good for children to help with household tasks, as long as it’s safe. It teaches them values and a good work ethic for the future.

However, not everyone agrees with this. One mom, Nikkole Paulun, got criticized online a few years ago for sharing how she gives her 7-year-old son chores to do around the house.

She posted pictures of her son helping with cooking and cleaning, but some people didn’t like it. They thought it was wrong to share her son’s chores online, and they worried about the impact on the child.

Some people said Nikkole was making her son do things she didn’t want to do herself. Others thought it was too much responsibility for such a young child.

But there were also people who defended Nikkole, saying that teaching children responsibility is important. Nikkole explained that she enjoys doing housework and her son just helps out. She also plans to teach her daughter the same thing when she’s older.

What do you think about Nikkole’s parenting style and the criticism she received? Let us know in the comments.

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