“Coach’s Viral Moment”: Teacher Goes Above and Beyond for Student

Teachers are really important in our community, but sometimes people don’t appreciate them enough.

Teaching is a special job. Teachers help kids learn, show them how to behave well, give them advice, and guide them as they grow up.

Jonathan Oliver is a hero. He’s a gym teacher at WG Nunn Elementary in Valdosta, Georgia. He did something nice for one of his students during a basketball game.

One of the kids on Oliver’s team, Kristen Paulk, needed help tying her hair back. So, Mr. Oliver helped her out.

He knelt down and tied Kristen’s hair back while they were playing. Someone recorded him doing this kind act and posted it on the internet. People loved it!

The video got a lot of attention, even from big TV shows like Good Morning America. They interviewed Mr. Oliver about what he did.

Mr. Oliver said he didn’t even realize someone was recording him. He was just trying to help Kristen feel comfortable.

He explained that teachers like him want kids to feel happy at school. They try their best to care for them and make them feel like they’re at home.

Kristen’s mom, Miyah Cleckley, said she wasn’t surprised by Mr. Oliver’s kindness. She knew Kristen was in good hands with him.

Mr. Oliver joked that he’s good at tying ponytails but not much else when it comes to hair. He said if Kristen needed anything fancier, she should ask her mom!

This story shows how teachers often do more than just teach. They care for their students and help them in many ways. They’re real heroes!

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