60-Year-Old Teacher Shines in Student Performance of “Uptown Funk”

In June 2015, a retired teacher named Shirley Clements became famous after a video of her dancing to “Uptown Funk” with her students went viral. She was 60 years old and used to teach dance to high school students for a long time. She also started the Outbreak Dance Competition to encourage hip-hop and breakdancing.

Dancing was Clements’ passion since she was four years old. She believed that everyone should have the chance to follow their passions. Her students lovingly called her “Mama Clements” because she made them feel welcome and supported.

During the “Uptown Funk” performance, Clements couldn’t resist showing off her own hip-hop and breakdancing moves. Though she didn’t mean to take the spotlight, she did. Her dedication to promoting dance and creating a supportive atmosphere for her students inspires anyone who might be unsure about chasing their dreams, no matter their age.

Clements’ story reminds us that age shouldn’t stop us from pursuing what we love and showing our skills. Her influence on her students and the dance community shows her character and the importance of being inclusive and supportive. Shirley Clements’ legacy lives on as a reminder of the power of following your passions and making others feel welcome to do the same.

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