Family of Five Trades Costly Rent for Converted School Bus Living: Peek Inside

Raising a family is hard and costs a lot of money. Experts say it costs about $14,000 each year to raise a child until they’re 17. This money adds up with rent and other expenses, making life tough for families.

Brian and Starla Sullivan, a family from Renton, near Seattle, knew this struggle well. They had three kids and struggled to afford their rent and other bills.

In 2014, they saw a YouTube video about people living in small, cozy houses, like buses. Starla joked about living in a bus, but Brian started to think about it seriously. He realized it could save them money and give them more flexibility.

So, they bought an old school bus for $2,800 and spent a year and $30,000 renovating it. Then, they moved in with their three kids.

“We’re kind of silly people,” Starla said. But living in the bus changed their lives. They saved money and had more freedom to enjoy life.

Before, they spent a lot on rent, and Brian had a long commute to work. Now, their bus home is comfy and has everything they need, including a bathtub for the kids.

They love their bus life and plan to stay until the kids grow up. Even though there are some challenges, like frozen pipes or running out of propane, they’re happy with their decision.

Living in a small space teaches them to stay organized and disciplined. Brian encourages others to try new things and take risks to improve their lives.

The Sullivans share their journey on YouTube to show others that alternative living is possible and rewarding.

“When you’re in a tough spot, you can stay stuck or try something new. Taking risks can lead to great rewards,” Brian said.

You can watch their inspiring story in the video below and learn more about the Sullivan family’s journey.

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