Elderly Couple Downsizes to Beachfront Custom Tiny Home with Ground-Floor Bedroom

Janice and Glen had a small Airstream camper before they decided to build a tiny house. The Airstream was too small for them, so they wanted something bigger.

Their new tiny house is bigger and has more storage space. Janice loves it and thinks it has more room than she needs. She still has empty spots to fill up with things she likes.

Janice looked at about 50 tiny house builders before finding Timber Craft in Alabama. She liked them because they make high-quality houses and let her pick out all the details she wanted.

Janice and Glen wanted to move into a smaller house now that they’re retiring. They have a house in Portland that they like but plan to sell it eventually.

They first thought about moving to the beach, especially during the pandemic when they wanted to get away from home. They saw an ad for the Airstream they bought, and it came with land in Tiny Tranquility, a neighborhood for small houses.

Their tiny house has some special features. They put in an electric fireplace to make it cozy and added lots of windows to let in natural light. They also built a loft for their daughter’s bedroom, with stairs instead of a ladder for easy access.

The master bedroom has high ceilings and lots of windows too. They have built-in storage under the bed and on the side tables.

Outside, they built a patio with a dining set so they can enjoy meals outside. They got to pick all the colors for the outside of the house too.

In their neighborhood, the owner rents out ten tiny houses, which Janice thinks is a great way to try out living in one.

You can watch a video tour of their tiny house below!

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