“Emotional Moment”: 108-Year-Old Meets Namesake Grandson

When he was 108 years old, a man met his great-great-grandson. He was really happy and proud that the baby was named after him.

In 2018, Esmond Allcock was almost the oldest person in Canada. He was born in 1910 and lived a long and full life. He loved his family and always kept in touch with them.

Jenna Lehne named her son Esmond after her great-grandfather. He was important to her for thirty years. Not many kids get to meet their older relatives, but baby Esmond did.

Lehne remembered how her great-grandfather helped her crawl when she was little. When she told him she was going to have a baby, he was very proud and told everyone.

When she told him she was having another son, he said none of his 71 descendants were named after him. So, Lehne and her husband decided to name their second son after him.

Lehne took the newborn to meet her great-grandfather. At first, he didn’t recognize her, but he loved holding baby Esmond. During their visit, he remembered that Lehne was the little girl he used to play with. It was special for her.

Esmond Senior and Esmond Junior had a strong bond. The great-grandfather was very emotional and happy to meet his newest family member.

He kept saying, “This means a lot to me.” Lehne felt blessed to still have him in her life. He always asked about the baby and wanted updates.

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