Woman Purchases House Only 1 Meter Tall! Visitors Astonished by Unbelievable Interior…

Anna Jones was surprised to find out that the house she bought a while ago had an extra small house on the property. The small house was built in the 1960s for the previous owners’ kids to play in.

When Jones and her family moved in, they discovered that the small house became a famous attraction in New Jersey. People from as far as Israel came to see it. However, they also had some concerns because strangers would come onto their property to take pictures, and they worried about the safety of their kids.

The small house, made of bricks, has running water, electricity, a small kitchen, a living room, a fireplace, a bedroom, a bathroom, and even a tiny shower. The furniture inside is also small to fit little people or children.

PHOTO: The mini home was built in the 1960's and fits people standing under five feet tall.

Now, Jones is thinking of selling it to the highest bidder. Originally, it was a joke due to financial difficulties, but the idea gained attention. Jones hopes someone will either buy it and take it away or help with renovating it.

The Jones family has received interest from potential buyers, including local residents who see the small house as a community landmark.

PHOTO: All rooms and furniture are scaled down in size.

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