“Heartwarming Surprise”: Schoolchildren Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Beloved ‘Grandma’ on Her 88th


Five years ago, Doris Vehar from Mentor, Ohio, began a special routine. Back then, her granddaughter Marissa used to take the school bus. Every morning, Doris would go outside to wave as the bus passed her house. Even though Marissa now takes a different bus, Doris has continued this tradition. For the past five years, she waves at the kids on the school bus and has become their beloved “Grandma.”

Now 88 years old, Doris has made it a daily habit to stand outside and wave at the children on bus number 46, no matter the weather. She loves all 35 of those kids and has built a special connection with them.

Recently, when Doris celebrated her 88th birthday, her neighbor Kathy, who often witnesses Doris’s daily greetings, wanted to make the day extra special. Kathy informed the bus driver in advance to coordinate a surprise for Doris.

On her birthday, when Doris went out to greet the schoolchildren, they surprised her by leaning out of the bus windows and singing “Happy Birthday.” The heartwarming moment was captured on video by Kathy and shared on Facebook, quickly becoming viral.

Doris expressed her joy, saying, “This is like a beautiful dream. I go out every day to greet those kids. I love every last one of them. But this year, there is something about this bus. I don’t know what it is, it just got to me. They are so lovable.”

You can watch the sweet video of the children celebrating their “grandma” here.

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