Daughter Creates Beautiful Tiny Home for Elderly Mother’s Independent Living

Merle, an older lady in Australia, wanted to be close to her family but still live independently. Her daughter, Ferne, who designs small houses, decided to create a special home just for her mom.

The house is 23.5 x 8 feet and built with Merle’s needs in mind. It has wide entrances with ramps to make it easy for Merle to move around. Even the kitchen countertops are at the right height for her.

Ferne thought about the future, too. The walls have handrails in case Merle needs support. The beautiful patio can be taken apart if they ever decide to move.

The house has a great view of a farm, and Ferne made sure it’s well-insulated for winter. Screens keep out insects, and Merle can control the entrance screen with a button.

Inside, Merle chose the colors and designs. The floor has underfloor heating for comfort, and it’s flat and non-slip for safety. Merle’s bed can be lifted to the ceiling during the day, and Ferne designed cabinets and drawers for easy reach.

Merle loves her new home. It’s easy for her to navigate with her walker, and everything she needs is within reach. She and Ferne both agree that it’s perfect. Watch the video for a tour of Merle’s lovely home!

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