“Retired Couple Showcases Their Ideal Tiny Home”: A Dreamy Space Tailored Just for Them

Rebecca’s parents faced a challenge during lockdown as they couldn’t do what they loved. Rebecca, who builds tiny houses, had an idea. She suggested her parents try living in a tiny home on her land in Katikati, New Zealand.

Rebecca, her parents, and Brenda’s sewing pod were built on the land. Brenda enjoys sewing in her pod, while Peter has his workshop. The tiny home has a big deck with a beautiful view, where the couple spends their free time. Rebecca’s kids often visit.

Bryce from Living Big In A Tiny House noticed the primary color of the house is white. Peter explained it makes their home feel bigger, cleaner, and more presentable. The interior features a gray couch, a large window, and a swivel-mounted TV. The kitchen has plenty of storage, with an oven, microwave, refrigerator, toaster, air fryer, coffeemaker, and a deep sink. They use induction cookers and a hot tap for coffee.

The bedroom on the left has a big window and a door to the deck. There’s a spacious wardrobe and shelves for clothes. The bathroom has a barn door, a large shower, a composting toilet, and a standard-size vanity.

Peter and Brenda love their tiny home and wouldn’t go back. Brenda enjoys having fewer household chores, and Peter appreciates the beautiful view and his own workstation.

They spent around 250K on the entire home, including the deck, and won a design award in the New Zealand Tiny House Awards 2022. You can watch the home tour below.

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