Local Man Revives Dilapidated Village Stone Cottage, Crafting a Stylish Tiny Home

A man from Scotland found an old stone cottage during his walks on a lane called the “Cobble.” He decided to buy and fix it up.

There are three empty structures on the Cobbles. The first one is a small stone cottage with unknown previous occupants. Next to it is a small cottage that’s now a museum for a poet from the 1700s. Lastly, there’s a two-story stone cottage used for storage, left for 50 years.

Since the man often walked by it, he wanted to turn the worn-out cottage into his dream home. He bought it, but it needed a lot of work. The previous owner had removed everything, leaving only rough walls, broken floors, a non-functional sliding door, and a staircase that needed removal.

They started by fixing the walls, restoring fireplaces, and adding a new brick stack to the windows. They also raised the ceiling and repaired the ground floor. Installing insulation made the cottage cozier.

The roof needed serious repairs, costing more money. But it breathed new life into the structure. Inside, the cottage started to look like a real home after insulation and plasterboard installation.

The man and his mother painted the house white for a light and cheery atmosphere, adding blue-gray accents in the bathroom and bedroom. Oak flooring made a big difference in the look of the home.

A local blacksmith installed a metal stair railing, and the man’s father laid cobblestones outside. The transformation took almost a year but was worth it.

Inside, old photos of the cottage hang near the bedroom door. The bedroom has a minimalist look with a low-down bed and cabinets under the windows.

The bathroom is simple but spacious with a shower, toilet, basin, mirror, and frosted window. The staircase is made of oak, with a Velux roof window above it for natural light.

The second story has the kitchen with under cabinet lighting, a sink, stove, and storage space. Opposite the desk is the living room with a big TV and a comfortable couch.

Using savings from his work as a video editor and YouTube channels, the man paid for everything himself, except for a loan. The total cost, including the property, was £157,844 ($196,278).

The man admits he was naive about how long and expensive the project would be. Now, he and his brother are considering buying another nearby property that needs fixing. This time, he plans to do more of the remodeling himself.

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