“Tiny Home Tour by Single Mom”: Building a Stylish Tiny Home for Retirement

Michelle, a mom of two, found herself without a retirement plan when her kids started college. Despite life’s challenges, including two divorces and losing homes, she took matters into her own hands.

Living paycheck to paycheck, Michelle couldn’t afford a new house.

But with cash donations and sponsorships, she built a cozy, 8 1/2 feet wide and 24 feet long home, planning to use it for AirBnB.

The house has a charming kitchen with 1940s and 50s influences, designed with modern nostalgia.

Michelle, doing most of the work herself, loves entertaining in her kitchen.

She admits the stairs are too narrow but stands out. The bedroom has extra headroom and a quilt made from her grandmother’s fabric.

The living room features real furniture with storage underneath.

Michelle’s bathroom has a unique glass door, adding light to the small space. She regularly hosts parties and prefers her kids do some laundry. She’s skilled at creating space without clutter.

Michelle financed her build creatively, buying an old RV, fixing it up, and selling it. Despite a tough upbringing in foster care and estrangement from her adopted family, she’s made it work with supportive friends.

In her retirement, Michelle has found her people and is living life on her terms. She’s a cool lady with a unique and stylish home.

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