Flight Attendant’s Concerns Lead to Discovery of Cryptic Note in Plane Bathroom

Once, on a flight from Seattle to San Francisco, a flight attendant named Shelia Frederick became suspicious when she saw a man and a teenage girl. The man looked well-dressed, but the girl seemed uncomfortable and avoided eye contact with everyone.

As Shelia did her job on the plane, she couldn’t stop thinking about the girl. She decided to come up with a plan to help her. Shelia tried to make eye contact with the girl while serving snacks, but the girl seemed hesitant.

Shelia shared her concerns with a coworker, and together they decided to distract the man while Shelia tried to communicate with the girl. During the flight, Shelia put a piece of paper and a pencil in one of the plane’s bathrooms. She locked the door, intending to unlock it only for the girl.

While her coworker kept the man occupied, Shelia gestured to the bathroom and mimed writing to get the girl’s attention. The girl eventually excused herself to use the bathroom. Shelia kept a close watch on the man.

Inside the bathroom, the girl found the note Shelia left. She wrote back, saying, ‘I need help.’ Shelia immediately informed the pilot, who contacted ground control to arrange for authorities to meet the man upon landing.

Shelia stayed in touch with the young woman she helped save from human trafficking. They spoke a few times over the years, and the young woman even went on to attend college.

Shelia’s message to others is simple: “If you see something, say something.”

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