“Exploring a Cozy 8-ft Wide Home”: A Tour with Jessica and Her Clever Space Solutions

In the middle of the city, there’s a really cool house owned by a creative woman named Jessica. It’s not like regular houses – it’s super narrow but has many levels inside, like a maze.

Even though it looks sleek from outside, the inside is warm and cozy, like a boat or a treehouse. They used wood and cleverly arranged the space to make it look modern and smart.

The house is not new – it’s been here since the 1880s, but the current design is from the 1980s. The architect had a vision to turn this narrow space into something special.

One cool thing about the house is how it uses light. The whole place has lots of glass walls and skylights, so natural light brightens up every room. It makes the small space feel big.

There’s a spiral staircase that goes through the house, giving it a fun touch, like a treehouse. Each floor has its own story. The entrance has a small bathroom and a coat nook. The kitchen feels big because of high ceilings and a view of the backyard. Jessica added cool things from thrift shops to make it unique.

On the second floor, there’s a library that’s also a dining area, with books on the walls and a hidden washing machine. Up a bit more is the living room with a comfy couch and a balcony.

The third floor has a room with a bathtub for relaxing, a small but cozy bedroom, and a cute bathroom. There’s even an attic that’s an office and storage, with vintage stuff like an old-fashioned clothes dryer.

Down in the basement, there’s storage and a big bathroom. The house is not just walls and floors – it shows Jessica’s dreams and passion.

It might not be everyone’s perfect home, but the unique design, the long history, and Jessica’s personal touches make it a really interesting and charming place. You can watch the full tour in the video below!

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