“Dad Earns Praise for Opting to Carry Big Dog Over Small Son – Heartwarming Choice Sparks Positive Reactions”

There’s this heartwarming video from Mexico that’s catching the attention of people online. It shows a dad holding his big dog in one arm while walking with his little son. The dog seems happy with its tongue hanging out, and the trio is crossing the street and walking on the sidewalk.

In the video, a woman joins them, pushing a stroller or bike with a big box. People on TikTok had different opinions. Some thought maybe the kid had to walk because the mom used the stroller for something else. Others suggested that the sidewalk might be too hot for the dog’s paws, so the dad is carrying it to protect its legs.

@lega819 #humor ♬ Televisa Presenta – soucitigrafix

Many users praised the dad for showing empathy and responsibility for both his pet and his son. They saw it as a sweet moment, appreciating the dad’s love for both the child and the dog. Despite being posted over a year ago, the video still has around 4.7 million views, showing how much people love this adorable moment.

It’s really nice to see a dad expressing love for his dog and child. We hope more people treat animals with the same kind of love. What do you think of this dad?

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