“Choosing the Seas Over Retirement Homes”: How a Couple Found Cost-Effective Bliss in 51 Consecutive Cruises

Retirement is a time when many people look forward to enjoying life without the demands of work. Some folks travel, try new hobbies, or simply savor the freedom from a daily job. This article tells the extraordinary tale of an Australian couple, Marty and Jess Ansen, who chose a unique way to retire – by going on 51 consecutive cruises. For them, it’s not just an adventure; it’s also a cost-effective alternative to traditional retirement homes.

Marty and Jess have loved cruise holidays for a long time. When COVID-19 paused their cruise plans, they waited until June 2022 to resume. They started with a short cruise on the Coral Princess, a ship known for its good food, entertainment, and even table tennis. But what was meant to be a quick trip turned into a 500-day journey. Marty said, “I told my agent, ‘Book whatever comes,’ and that’s how we ended up on such a long cruise.” They booked 51 cruises in a row, staying longer than anyone else, even the captain.

On the Coral Princess, Jess and Marty became famous passengers. The hotel manager, Ren van Rooyen, considers them like family. The couple enjoys perks like free meals and daily room cleaning, making friends with the ship’s staff.

Surprisingly, Jess and Marty found out that their cruising lifestyle is cheaper than living in a retirement home. This challenges the usual idea of retirement planning. With everything taken care of on the ship, they found an affordable and satisfying alternative.

Every day, Jess and Marty keep active and entertained. They start with an hour of table tennis, adding fun and fitness to their adventure. Jess said, “We do it together, and we have a lot of fun.” This sets them up for enjoying the ship’s delicious buffets.

Having spent over 450 days on continuous cruises, Jess and Marty are committed to this unique way of life. If they could, they’d keep cruising for the rest of their lives. Their story shows that retirement can be a chance to live your dreams fully.

In their later years, Marty and Jess Ansen found an unconventional but rewarding way to retire. Their story proves that amazing possibilities await those who break from tradition and chase their dreams. For them, the dream involves endless horizons and the vast open sea.

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