“Unbelievable Finds Await Inside”: Discovery of an Abandoned $10.5M Mansion

Two guys, Jeremy Abbott and BigBankz, went exploring in an abandoned mansion they found. The mansion was huge, about 30,000 square feet, and still had fancy furniture inside.

Jeremy, who goes by JeremyXplores, explained that the person who built the mansion was a successful guy – a surgeon, a dad of four, and even a recreational pilot. But sadly, he and one of his sons died in a plane crash while the mansion was still being built. The family was left in a tough spot because the dad didn’t pay his life insurance premium before he passed away.

According to the YouTubers, the family owed $8 million on the mansion and was making monthly payments of $50,000. Eventually, they couldn’t keep up, and the family got evicted.

The mansion was owned by a foreigner until 2015, but he stopped paying property taxes and moved back to his home country.

Jeremy and BigBankz found a lot of expensive stuff in the mansion, like a fancy library, an elevator, a bar, indoor and outdoor pools, a sports complex, and a four-car garage. They also discovered luxury cars – a Land Rover, a Mercedes-Benz, and a Volkswagen Beetle.

Inside, they found a big Christmas tree, mostly empty water bottles in the fridge, and they suspected a homeless person had been there before them.

Jeremy talked about finding designer clothes with tags still on, Dior shoes, and lots of expensive makeup in the bathroom. He thought it was strange that these things were left behind when they could have been taken when the family left.

Jeremy said he stumbled upon the mansion accidentally while looking for info about abandoned homes online. He shared that his excitement turned into sadness when he thought about the family and their dreams crashing down with the plane accident.

The exploration took 11 hours, and Jeremy mentioned how it made him think about the waste and resources people leave behind every day. He concluded that the mansion was a clear example of this, and people react with amazement and sadness when they see it being taken over by nature.

Check out their video for the whole adventure.

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