Woman Transforms Unusual Abandoned Building into a Cozy Two-Bedroom Home

Gemma Wheeler is a talented architect who loves designing buildings that blend seamlessly into their surroundings. Based in Edinburgh, she has won awards for her work and shares her expertise on her YouTube channel, Gemma Wheeler Architecture.

On her channel, Gemma discusses various projects, from building new houses on small plots to renovating old, small buildings with historical significance. Her goal is to inspire and entertain, fostering a community where ideas can be exchanged.

Recently, Gemma took on the challenge of transforming an old non-residential building, a traditional Hungarian grape press, into a modern living space. The building has three floors, and Gemma aims to preserve its original style while converting all three floors into livable spaces. One major hurdle is building a staircase without taking up too much space.

To address this, Gemma decided to place the staircase on the north end of the building to maximize natural light throughout the living areas. Rather than hiding the staircase, she plans to make it a key feature with a contemporary design using white folded steel that appears to float.

On the ground floor, Gemma envisions a functional space with a dirty kitchen, a bedroom separated by sliding doors, and a shower room with a toilet. It’s important to note that Gemma’s plan is still a proposal and not a guarantee of planning permission.

Despite being in the proposal stage, Gemma’s design has garnered positive comments. One viewer expressed admiration for the stunning design and the clever inclusion of two bedrooms in the small space.

If you’re curious about Gemma’s entire renovation plan, check out her YouTube video for more details.

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