Couple Embraces and Transforms Abandoned Boy Labeled a ‘Freak’ – Witness His Amazing Transformation Now

Around the world, more than one billion people live with a disability. In some places, kids with disabilities are treated very badly, kept out of school, and even mistreated.

Rustam is one of these kids. He was born with some health problems, and because of how he looked, his parents left him at the hospital when he was a baby.

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Until 2006, there weren’t proper rules to protect people with disabilities. Then, the United Nations made a rule to protect disabled adults and kids who were being abandoned or mistreated in some countries.

Rustam had a tough start in life. He had surgeries to fix his face and was fed through a tube for the first two years. Unfortunately, nobody wanted to adopt him because of his health issues.

In 2017, a kind woman named Nika saw Rustam’s photo and decided to help. Rustam needed speech therapy, surgery, and a fake leg.

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Nika and her husband Yuri met Rustam and decided to take him in. They didn’t treat him differently and made sure he got the care he needed.

Some people still say mean things about Rustam, calling him names. But Nika ignores them and focuses on raising awareness about the rights of disabled people.

Rustam’s parents support him and don’t let mean comments affect them. Rustam, who is now about 10, is a cheerful and brave boy. He likes to express himself with his unique hairstyles and clothes.

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It’s unfortunate that some people say hurtful things, but Rustam’s family remains strong and loving. They gave a home to a child who needed it, and that’s a beautiful thing.

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