Family Creates Year-Round Warmth with Stunning Greenhouse Wrapped Around Home

In Sweden, where it gets really cold, a couple named Marie Granmar and Charles Sacilotto found a smart solution for dealing with the harsh weather. They live in Stockholm, and their house is special – it’s wrapped in a greenhouse. This house is not just a regular one; it’s like a small ecosystem.

Originally, their home was a simple summer house, but they changed it into a place they can live in all year.

The greenhouse around the house creates a warm environment, even when it’s freezing outside. Inside, it can be a cozy 15-20°C (59-68°F) while it’s -2°C (28°F) outdoors.

The cool thing about their home is that the greenhouse is not just for warmth. It makes the house bigger and gives them space to grow plants. They even grow things like figs and cucumbers, which are not common in Sweden. So, their house is like a small farm!

Their home blurs the line between inside and outside, making a nice and peaceful place.

Besides keeping the house warm, the greenhouse is also a play area for their son, and the roof, which they took off for the greenhouse, is now a sunny terrace.

Marie and Charles care a lot about the environment. They made their house independent, with its sewage system that Charles, an engineer, designed. This system is smart; it uses natural processes to treat and recycle water, making sure nothing goes to waste.

The greenhouse is super useful, but on the coldest days, they need extra heating. This shows that even with all their smart ideas, sometimes you still need regular solutions in extreme weather.

The best part about their home is how they manage water and waste. They collect rainwater for their plants and have a cool system to treat household wastewater without chemicals. They even compost food scraps and human waste to make good soil for their garden.

Charles says it’s not just about using nature; it’s a way of life for them, living in a different and better world.

Even though they’ve done a lot, Marie and Charles think there’s still more they can do to make their home even better for the environment. Watch the video to see their amazing house!

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