“Extraordinary Desert Cave Home”: Man Converts Cave into 5,700 sq ft Off-Grid Home

Meet Grant Johnson, a man who turned a huge cave in the desert into an amazing 5,700 square foot home. It’s not just any home – it’s a fantastic display of human creativity and a love for nature.

Grant’s story started when he moved to Utah in his 20s, buying a large piece of land surrounded by a national monument. For over 20 years, he worked hard to create this extraordinary cave house, making it off-the-grid with running water and electricity.

This cave home is not your usual dwelling – it’s a masterpiece with a music studio and modern decor. The cool part? You can rent a room on Airbnb to experience its wonder.

Grant’s connection with nature began in Moab when he was 17. He explored hiking, worked in mines, and developed a deep love for the wilderness. He even got involved in stabilizing Indian ruins.

Choosing an off-the-grid lifestyle, Grant found a spot in the canyons to grow his own food, leading to the creation of his sprawling cave home – a vision he couldn’t have imagined decades earlier.

Building the cave home wasn’t easy; it needed dynamite for blasting. After years of hard work and gathering funds, the result is spectacular. The cave, surprisingly bright, has windows blasted into the rock, offering stunning views of the landscape.

Living off the grid in the desert requires clever solutions for power, food, and water. Grant tackled these challenges head-on, planting an orchard and using a water wheel for a sustainable water supply.

Grant’s self-sufficiency extends to growing various crops and raising livestock. He has a mini-ecosystem with tomatoes, peppers, corn, potatoes, garlic, and more. Pigs eat the milk from a cow, creating a sustainable cycle.

After two decades, Grant’s land is not just beautiful but also sustainable. Though he loves his home and lifestyle, the size of the house led him to rent it out, giving others the chance to be inspired.

Grant Johnson’s cave home is a fantastic example of alternative living, showing us the beauty of nature, innovation, and sustainable living.

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