Engineer Designs Mobile Expanding Tiny House to Avoid Mortgage Payments

Ray decided to change his life after a heart attack. He wanted a simpler life without the stress of mortgages and excess stuff. So, he came up with an idea for an innovative tiny house.

This tiny house is not cramped or uncomfortable. It has slide-outs that make it more spacious when needed. Ray made sure that size doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort or functionality.

The living room in Ray’s tiny house is amazing. It gets a lot of natural light, making it warm and welcoming. There are different ways to keep the room warm, like a small stove and a propane system. The design is smart, with a three-foot chair rail adding a nice touch to the practical space.

One cool feature is a large slide-out in the living room. It’s not just for show – it has batteries outside and turns into a couch inside. This couch is raised a bit and has built-in beds that can be pulled out when it’s time to sleep.

Ray, being 57, wanted a home that would be comfy for his retirement. So, he made sure there were sleeping options that didn’t involve climbing into a loft. The elevated couch serves as a cozy sleeping space, and the step ladders double as footrests.

Storage is important in a tiny house, and Ray’s design nails it. The gable roof gives plenty of storage space, and the kitchen table can be extended for more room. There’s also a cedar-lined closet for clothes and personal items.

The kitchen in Ray’s tiny house is well-equipped with quality appliances. It has a good sink, an exhaust system, and efficient appliances. The kitchen also has lots of storage, and the pantry door slides to save space.

The bathroom has a standard shower with jets from the top, sides, and bottom for a massage-like experience. Ray added a Luno system to keep the air dry and comfy in the small space.

Safety is a priority – the tiny house has two entrances, and the back door can be used as an extra exit. Ray also installed solar-powered skylights that can be controlled to let in or block out light.

Ray’s tiny house is not just a home; it’s a dream come true. It shows that the American dream can be different for everyone. For Ray, it’s a tiny house full of smart ideas, comfort, and the promise of a peaceful retirement. Check out the video below for a full tour of Ray’s cool expanding house!

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