The ‘Blue Twins’ Capture Global Attention with Their Remarkable Eyes – Here’s a Glimpse of How They Look Today

Megan and Morgan, the twin sisters, became famous on the internet when they were just four years old. Their mom, Stephanie, posted pictures of them on Instagram, and people couldn’t get enough of their unique appearance.

The nickname “Trueblue Twins” was given to them because of their striking blue eyes. Stephanie, their mom, started calling them that because of their recognizable eye color.

Megan has two blue eyes, but Morgan’s right eye is dark brown, making them easily distinguishable.

The twins, now nine years old, have over 153,000 followers on Instagram. Many people love seeing them in matching clothes, and Stephanie enjoys filling their closets with various outfits.

Despite their online fame, Stephanie remains down-to-earth. She knows that her daughters might have opportunities in modeling due to their looks, but she doesn’t want to pressure them into it.

Stephanie insists that her own blue eyes, and those of her daughters, are natural and not from colored contacts.

The twins are growing up to be beautiful young girls, and Stephanie is focused on their mental and emotional well-being. She appreciates the positive attention but wants to keep things grounded for her daughters.

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