Dad Faces Criticism for Using Leashes on His 5-Year-Old Quintuplets

Raising kids these days can be tough, especially for young parents. On top of getting advice from family, they also face criticism online from strangers. Jordan Driskell, a 31-year-old dad, has five energetic five-year-old quintuplets, making parenting even more challenging.

To handle his lively kids in public, Jordan came up with a unique solution. Instead of using a six-seat stroller, which was inconvenient and bothered the kids, he bought leashes designed for youngsters. These leashes allow the kids to explore while keeping them safe and close.

After posting a video of their family trip to the aquarium, Jordan faced a lot of criticism online. Many people didn’t like the idea of kids on leashes, saying they’re not animals. Some even suggested that Jordan shouldn’t have so many kids if he can’t handle the pressure.

However, parenting expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa sees leashes differently. She argues that using a leash doesn’t make kids feel like animals. For young toddlers or children with special needs, leashes can be a helpful tool in public. But Dr. Gilboa warns that for typically developing kids, it might be a problem if they haven’t learned to listen and be independent by the ages of eight or nine.

She believes that parents should be able to choose their parenting methods without worrying about unnecessary criticism. What’s important is keeping kids safe and happy.

Now, what do you think about kids using leashes in the city? Share your thoughts in the comments and talk to your family and friends about it too!

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