“Stylish Haven in the City”: Transformation of a Modest 34-Square-Meter Apartment

The move to another city was the reason for a couple to buy their own apartment.

Due to their limited budget, they chose a modest one-room apartment with an area of 34 square meters. The new owners were not fond of the old decor, so they turned to designers to create a unique and comfortable space.

The Entrance Hall

The walls in the hallway were plastered and painted with bright, moisture-resistant paint.

The floor was laid with porcelain tiles resembling marble. At the entrance, there are decorative wooden panels with coat hooks. Next to them, a wall console with a mirror and a turquoise stool was installed. A spacious wardrobe with turquoise doors was placed between the kitchen and the room.


In the kitchen, the floor is also covered with porcelain tiles. In the entrance area, there is a refrigerator, behind which is a dining area with a round table and a cozy sofa. Behind the sofa, there is an accent wall with a mural and voluminous panels.

Opposite is a corner kitchen in green and wood tones, with a blue-green tiled apron.

Living Room

The living room, located at the entrance of the room, has blue walls and laminate flooring. To the left of the entrance is a shelving system with a television. Opposite, there is a large gray sofa and a partition with slats that divides the space into zones.

Behind the partition is a sleeping area with a double bed, a nightstand, a television, and a compact dressing table. On the wall behind the bed, a mural with three-dimensional panels reappears. A bar counter was installed on the balcony.

Bathroom and Toilet

For the design of the bathroom and toilet, classic white, black rectangular tiles, and tiles with a geometric pattern were chosen.

The washing machine is conveniently located across from the sink.

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