Treasure Hunter Discovers 50-Year-Old Wallet Linked to Actress Diane Keaton in Abandoned Storage Unit”

Some folks really enjoy looking for hidden treasures as a hobby or even as their job. These treasure hunters explore people’s homes, garages, and basements, and they sometimes bid on storage units filled with unclaimed stuff. It’s always a surprise because they never know what they might find. Anton Lulgjuraj started collecting old storage units in New York a while back.

One day, he got lucky and found a wallet in an abandoned locker. The wallet was about 50 years old, and the pictures inside were pretty amazing

Anton hasn’t found anything super life-changing before, but this wallet was interesting. Turns out, it belonged to an Air Force pilot. However, there was another small locker that caught Anton’s eye. When he opened it, he found a worn-out wallet.

The wallet belonged to a person named Diane Hall. Anton found a California driver’s license from the late 1960s, an actor’s card, and some old photos. This got him curious, so he decided to learn more and try to find the owner.

After some online searching, Anton discovered that Diane Hall was actually the actress Diane Keaton. He thought she might want her old wallet back, so he sent her a message. Unfortunately, he didn’t hear back from her until the media picked up his story. Anton mentioned, “I think everyone hopes that if they lose their wallet, maybe one day they’ll get it back. So, this is great.”

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